Jobs of the Future: Skills You Need to Stay Relevant

Expert Tips on Skills Needed For Jobs of the Future

The future job market will be competitive and will see you competing with humans, machines and robots with Artificial Intelligence to stay relevant. The way out is to ensure that you upgrade your skill-set through relevant training. The ultimate goal is to gradually move away from a single skill into embracing a plethora of skills that fit into your career goals.

Jobs of the Future - Skills You Need to stay relevant - Jobberman

This was the submission of the Lead Consultant, The African Talent Company (TATC), Adesina Ogidan during a Facebook Live Session on the topic: ‘Jobs of the Future.’ The session was anchored and moderated by the Lead, Social Media Channels, ROAM, Princewill Akuma.

Adesina highlighted the need for candidates to focus more on skills that are technologically inclined as he noted that the future isn’t as distant as many think it is. “The future is already here,” he emphasized.

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