10 Dangers Of Relocating To Another Country

We love travelling. In fact, we encourage all our friends and family to do it. While going on a holiday is exciting and fun, immigrating is a whole other story. There are dangers to relocating that people don’t even consider when they’re planning the move.

Perils Of Relocating To Another Country

1. Not Being Accepted

One of the biggest dangers of moving to another country is not being accepted into the community. You only feel at home when you see familiar smiling faces that reciprocate the love to you. If you move to another country where all you receive is hate it could quickly make you doubt your move.

2. Expenses

While you may be moving to secure a better future for yourself and your future generations the move won’t come cheap. Unless you’re immigrating as a refugee or under political asylum, you will have to pay a lot of money upfront to secure your future.

3. Real Estate

Immigrating to another nation could mean you’d have to give up on your belongings from your home country. While it may make sense for someone who has nothing, selling off your real estate to go live in a rented apartment to try and make it in a different country is a danger not many people think of before immigrating.

4. Language Barriers

If you speak English you may be able to move to half the world that speaks the language, but what if you move to the other half where English isn’t predominantly spoken? It could make your day to day life quite challenging. This is especially true if you choose to move to a country that’s not really a popular tourist destination and doesn’t consider English a necessity.

5. Loneliness

Leaving your old life behind can be quite daunting. All your old friends, your family, and your favourite hangouts will have to be forgotten. You will move to a place where you don’t know a lot of people and loneliness is real acute feeling you will come to experience and hate.

6. Your Personality Will Alter

Very few people manage to successfully complete a move abroad without having parts of their personalities altered. Moving to a different country can change you in ways you never expected.

Introverts may be forced to interact with more people, extroverts may find it hard to gain a foothold in the social sphere and need to lay low. The loneliness and depression that might set in will have you hating on everything. It almost always passes, but you never know.

7. Safety

Another reason most people move is, they fear for their safety. They genuinely believe moving to a different country will help them be safer, but that might not always be the case. Relocating to a different country could put you in some of the shadier locations of the country because of the lack of funds.

8. Failure

If you move to a different country your life will definitely get back on track and you will definitely succeed right? Wrong. Nothing can be further from the truth. You have to work just as hard, maybe harder to prove yourself in the new world. Failure is definitely an option so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

9. Medical

Most countries have pretty affordable healthcare. While it may not be the highest rated in the world it is quite sufficient for most ailments. However, if you move to a country like the USA be prepared to pay a lot for medical.

10. Taxes

Some dream nations have a tax rate of about 50%. While they provide you with a higher standard of living you will be giving half your wages to the government. Can you bank balance handle the taxes and other fees you have to pay?

While we don’t want to discourage people from immigrating (quite the opposite in fact), we do want to give them a true sense of what they should expect. It’s definitely not a walk in the park and should not be taken lightly.

If you have given it a proper thought and would still like to move abroad, let us guide you in the best ways to do so. Leave us a comment with your questions and we’ll be glad to answer.

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